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I'm happy to give you a reference!  You were ever so helpful and kind to show me so many options and explain how things work.  My new solar shades are exactly what I needed and as you promised, I still have the view yet am not getting baked by the sun!  Perfect and I will of course refer you on to my friends!  

Susan G.
Belvedere, CA

The Window Stylist

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Real wood, faux woodaluminum and vertical: Blinds come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Versatile and casual, blinds give you the ability to control the level of light and privacy by tilting the vanes as you like. Real wood blinds come in a variety of finishes, both painted and stained. Plantation wood blinds feature a vane that is shaped much like the louver on a plantation shutter, a popular choice for those who like the look of shutters. Also available are 1", 2" and 2 1/2" in slats. Residential and commercial clients alike who are on a strict budget often choose faux wood blinds. Aesthetically, it it hard to distinguish the difference between a good quality faux wood blind and real wood blinds.

Hunter Douglas Precious MetalsComing in at a lower price point than faux wood blinds are  aluminum blinds. Our aluminum blinds are most often purchased from commercial clients and property management companies for their rentals.  However, a popular aluminum blind that has done well in residential markets is Precious Metals Collection of aluminum blinds from Hunter Douglas. These aluminum blinds have style, specialty finishes and more colors than you can imagine. Aluminum blinds are quite durable provided they are properly cared for.  Did you know that it is always best to raise and lower your aluminum blinds when their vanes are in an open position? Raising a lower your aluminum blinds with the vanes tilted can cause damage over time.



Vertical blinds are are one of the most popular choices for sliding doors. Many clients don't like the look of plastic vanes for their homes but there are other options that keep the plastic at bay, or at least hidden away.

Vertical Blinds from The Window StylistWe offer traditional vertical blinds as well as fabric vertical blinds and sheer verticals. Fabrics choices for fabric vertical vanes include solids, prints and textures as well as sheer, semi sheer and light blocking opacities.  You can also specify your own fabric which can be used for the vertical vanes, giving you a completely custom look. Vertical sheers have the vanes sewn into pockets of breezy, sheer fabric and hidden from view which then provides the soft look of a fabric treatment. With the latter you get the best of both worlds, the versatile functionality of vertical blinds plus the sophisticated look of drapes. 

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